Friday, 25 November 2022

The Taste of Danger

 I have wanted to say many things in the media. Jay-Z is reptilian, Kanye is on the down low, ...many things. Knowing the Christian and Homosexual agenda of the music business, I keep quiet. Not for me, but for the protection of my celeb friends. Em's story is bleak as hell and can inspire. But I don't want him to be viewed as anything other than great. Still, I miss my friends. I hope they are all okay. 

People tell me I have no celeb friends. I agree. That's just my psychosis. I'm not in a rush to be back in the game because the agenda is the same. Praise God and numb yourself to otherwise (something like that).

I miss the days when I was worshipped...

-so mote it be

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Mission Airy

 They ask me if I make music (on the level I make it on) for money. I say no. They ask if it’s for fame. I say no. Then why, they ask. 

To provide rhythm and poetry over abstract, bebop grooves.

My pain has became my flame. And I don’t need pain to provide flame. No longer will I search for pain. In any kind of relationship. 

New vlog, coming soon.

-so mote it be

Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Friends and Strangers

We've been down this path before. I know who you are. You are playing yourself. I'm not trying to defeat you. Work with me. You cannot compete. I don't wish to replace. You can show yourself. I am a poor, righteous teacher. I believe in The Sun. There is not much to wonder about, other than how in depth the teachings are. You can learn from me. Directly.

Sending negativity is only going to beget more negativity. I didn't grow up with a rationale for why the streets are so wild. I survived it. I have witnesses. I've lost friends (death and otherwise). I have prepared myself for being alone. If you want the best for me, understand that I have to decipher that for myself. I have asked for help. The help doesn't understand. I'm on my own. I have many who wish to follow, but they are putting themselves at risk of insanity.

So I let them drive themselves crazy. If your wish is to be a star, I'll give you the tools to do it yourself. If you don't like that, I can't help you. God provides when help is NEEDED, not wanted. 

Who am I to be anything less?

-so mote it be

Thursday, 18 August 2022

 That's the new Bandcamp.
This is new music.

Let's get down.

-so mote it be

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Self-check (an iPod photodump)

As conceited as I am, jail time makes beauty a thing for the back of the mind. I'm getting back to my vanity.

-so mote it be


Thursday, 16 June 2022

Cutting (as in class)

 My technical devices have been down for a while. Repairs this weekend. I have the ability to heal, not the desire to. Nor do I have any desire to hurt. Feel me, as I remove this 10cc joint.

Cold Out My Eye is a certified classic. Search for it on YouTube. Hypergoth! is a beast in and of itself. Quality shit. And here’s your bandage.

It has come to my knowledge that Hypergoth! leaked.

I’m honored and humbled.

-so mote it be

Friday, 25 February 2022

A trade or a traitor?

 C. Hamilton (pronouced See-Dot-Hamilton) is releasing a project under Problem Child Industries with C Diddy. You can learn more about them on C Dottle has been more poetic with his aggression, and the production is Dreamworks-Come-True type stuff.

Here's the first single from "Coal From My Eye", called #BadTwin.

It feels good, y'all!

Stay tuned!

-so mote it be

Sunday, 9 January 2022

It's being written.

Williams Symphony Digital Pianos are the new must have for every musician.
A name has been introduced. Williams.
Electricity is how a respected member of the music family.
The sound is uncontested by contemporaries, and envied by the standards (Korg, Roland, Yamaha, etc, though I believe Yamahas are uncontestable).

The design is beautiful.
The sound is pristine.
The mental stimulation is wonderfully awkward (in a good way).
The pedals work (just fine).

Pure fundamentalists would scoff at this.
But that's why I took so long to report about it.

Williams Pianos, y'all..

-so mote it be


Wednesday, 8 December 2021

The war is (dead) over.

 SEGA has defeated Nintendo.

#TheSonicMovie grossed more than #SuperMarioBros. 2kSports is a powerhouse. And outside of sports and Sonic, SEGA released a top-grossing game, on all platforms INCLUDING Nintendo. To add, without television advertisement. STRICTLY internet promotion.

SEGA won.

I have my bond with #TheEnto. It's not easily believed or accepted, but it is what it is. We communicate. I think my point is clear, besides "stand up for what you believe in". Simply, if I were a mainstream artist (read: sellout), I would be easily-er digested. Well, I exist as someone who was influenced by Cam'ron, Eminem and Rage Against The Machine. Maybe I lost by "keeping it real". Maybe I won by "playing the game".

But... and you can ask any of my exes... my lover comes first. No matter how you spell it. 

I am proud of you, Glorious.

Be proud of yourself.

I'll be okay. I would just like and love a shout-out. I'm Black, remember?

-The Warlock of Rock-

-so mote it be

Tuesday, 23 November 2021